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  • 自行车或汽车高考英语满分作文


    _Title: Bicycle or car


    2.你喜欢什么车(美国人和中国人的选择有什么不同)居住环境生活习惯_3.我比较喜欢自行车花钱少使用方便不污染参考词汇:vehicle 车辆___ prefer 喜欢_______ pollution 污染

    Bicycle or car


    Bicycles and cars are both important vehicles. The car is fast and the bicycle can be easily parked.


    Bicycle or car, which do you prefer The Americans and the Chinese usually have different choices. The Americans prefer the car because they have been brought up together with the car. They go everywhere by car. But we Chinese like bicycles better.


    First of all, it is very cheap, which is very important to people in a developing country. Secondly, it is much smaller than the car, therefore, it is easier to find a place to park it . And thirdly, it doesn't make any pollution, so it is good to our environment.


    the 自行车

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