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    Today is my mother s birthday. My father and I wanted to give her surprising birthday presents.

    In the morning we went to the shop and bought a big cake. Then we went to the market and bought some food that mother liked very much. After getting home, we began to prepare our presents. Father went into the kitchen to prepare a big meal while I went into my room to make a birthday card. I drew three rabbits biggest one was eating grass while the other two were playing happily under a big tree. To tell you the truth, it was my family because all of us were born in the year of rabbit.

    It was almost 12 o clock. The delicious food on the table made my mouth water. Everything was ready. We seated ourselves at the table, waiting for my mother. When we heardthe sound of opening the door, we hid behind the door and cheered, Happy Birthday! as soon as mother came in.

    Mother was seated at the table and I showed her my present. She looked at it and smiled. Have a taste of the delicious food. It was made by Father himself. I said. Mother looked at my father and me, picking up her chopsticks.

    How happy we were!


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